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Occasionally in normally equable Devon we get, for us, extreme or notable weather. Here are some spells of memorable weather.

The month centred around the end of December 1996 featured the longest spell of temperatures at or below freezing recorded by the AWS. This sub zero spell lasted from late on the 30th of December until late on the 10th of January - though the temperature touched zero on the 5th. Snow falls were light and unnoteworthy but it was cold enough for skating to be possible on a nearby pond, a rare occurrence in south west England.

Cold Winter

As a contrast November 1994 was the warmest November ever recorded in Central England. Here the temperature barely fell below 5C (41f) all month and that on most days maximum exceeded 10C (50f). Both snow and frost are, or were, not uncommon in November.

The mild November 1994

Perhaps equally as remarkable were the record breaking warm days of mid February 1998. On the 14th the temperature reach over 16C (61f), and this is more note worthy because the weather station's high location.

February 1998

At the time of writing this month (October 2001) looks like being of record warmth. Watch this space.