Bridford weather: 22/11/18

Day/month/yearly data & current readings at : 11:21

  • Temperature: 4.4C
  • ( 'Dewpoint': 2.9C )
  • Humidity: 90%
  • Wind speed: 4.0mph
  • ( Wind chill: 3.6C )
  • Wind direction: SSE
  • High wind speed: 16.0mph at 1:43
The raingauge was under recording a little and has been adjusted. We await rain to test it...

12/10/18 Compared to a manual raingauge this automatic raingauge is still under recording by about 10% and on some days more...

Outside Temp HistoryRainfall HistoryBarometer History

Today's high 5.4C Low 1.7C

Today's rain 0.0 mm now 0.0mm/hr

Barometer 1014.1mb trend Steady

Outside Temp HistoryThis month's RainBarometer History

November high 12.1C Low -1.1 C

November rainfall 102.8 mm

November low 985.7mb high 1027.3mb

Outside Temp HistoryThis year's RainBarometer History

2018 high 30.1C Low -7.3 C

2018 rainfall 830.4 mm

2018 low 981.4mb hi 1039.4mb

High wind speed HistoryDew point historyWind direction History