Some of my favorite sites, in no particular order. These are the sites I visit most often.


On-line weatherstations in Devon.

Top Karten weather. 'Wetterzentralle' 'go to' website for current and computer modeled forecast weather charts.

Wokingham Weather. Weather data and pictures from low earth orbiting NOAA satellites.

Tonbridge weather. Up to date weather data from Kent and from worldwide.

Animated geostationary satellite images of Europe. A good way to follow storms (but now subscription based?).

XC Weather. Animated weather maps, almost like watching from aloft .

Weather Online home page. Lots of data for the weather enthusiast.

Weatherjack (Jack Harrison) Another site with loads of weather information.

The FAQ Excellent meteorology reference.

Epping weather Follow the site's 'Winter 1947' link for a superb, detailed review of one of the classic cold winters.

UKWeatherworld Weather and climate news, views, and debate.

Devon Weather:

Haytor, Dartmoor live data Postbridge, Dartmoor Willand, Mid Devon
Dawlish, S.E. Devon Ottery St Mary Rockbeare, E. Devon
Offwell, E. Devon Stoke Gabriel, S. Devon Honiton, E. Devon

Climate Change:

Real Climate. Climate scientist's commentary about climate science.

Wikipedia: 'user dragons flight'/images Every climate graph one could desire.

Sceptical Science Every climate science answer one could desire.

Climate Research Unit University of East Anglia. UK climate change site.

Tom Rees's climate change FAQ. Very informative.

Science and politics of global climate change ( older posts ) Blogs by climate scientist Andrew Dessler.

Climate change: some basics. Another 'FAQ' on climate change. Interesting article on climate change.

A, very, sceptical view of climate change from Australia. Some interesting content, but this site just promotes the sceptic view. For a critique of the site try this Pages on climate change and more FAQ's.


Fossils from around Lyme Regis. A web site designers site, nice fossil pictures.

The geology of south Dorset's Jurrasic coast (2012: sadly, now seems to be gone). Good description of the geology of the west Dorset coastline.

An audit of Devon's 16 active quarrys. Produced for Devon County Council, up to date geology.

Clastic Detritus - A blog about sedimentary geology. . A blog focussing on geology.

Bird watching:

British Trust for Ornithology website (migration watch). A little fiddly but a fascinating assortment of information on the arrival and distribution of migratory birds.

Other: Go to 'Select your location' and find out what is going on in the sky up above you anywhere worldwide.

Crankdotnet. A site where you can find out just how cranky, crackpo