Late Permian 'Dawlish' sandstone. Two pictures taken at SX 958834 in a busy road cutting near the village of Kenton. Wind blown sand dunes showing bedding planes and, lower down, evidence of the action of water. Permian sandstone More Permian sandstone

Dawlish sandstone cliffs at Dawlish SX 974777. Several ancient wind blown sand dunes, cross cutting each other, can be seen. Nearby features showing water born sand can also be seen. All this evidence again points to a desert or semi desert at the time of deposition.

Dawlish sandstone

A view from Warren Point, S. Devon (SX670422) of the Thurlstone outlier of (early?) Permian breccias (cliff right of centre). This small patch of younger rock lies far from any other outcrop and probably represents the last bit of a much larger covering of Permian rocks over S. Devon. Now most of the exposed Permain rocks in Devon are 30 miles to the NE, though deeply buried Permian rocks fill the 'Plymouth Basin' to the south west.

Thurlstone outlier
And here are a few more clickable thumbnails (to large images) of the late Permian Teignmouth Breccias from The Ness at Shaldon (SX 941719).
More breccias More breccias More breccias

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