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Winter 2001/02

About the graphs
To fit three variables on the graphs a mixture of imperial and metric measures has been used. Barometric pressure is the blue line, left scale in millibars, while the right scales are rain, the blue bars in mm, and temperature, the red line in farenheit.

Mild weather dominated the first half of February. The 15th featured the first frost since January 10th - 35 consecutive frost free mid winter days, something I think has not happened here in my lifetime. Strong wind blew on the 20th, but it was flat calm next morning. Blustery showers, with soft hail and a little snow, fell on the 23rd. Some snow was also seen on the 27th and 28th during heavy showers. To compare this February with last February follow this link

Week three February '02

February 202

The cold weather of December did not linger for long during January. Uneventful best describes the weather of the first half of the month. Only one day, the 10th, saw a surprisingly hard frost. This was the last frost of the month.

Rather more active and still mild Atlantic weather commenced mid month, with, on the 23rd, a deep low passing nearby producing a very wet and windy day. The 26th saw very heavy rain, the 27th was exceptionally mild and the 28th windy, some sudden temperature changes also happened during this period. No snow was observed to fall during the month. To compare this January with last January try this link

Week three January '02

January 2002

Though the first few days were mild, most of December was dominated by a large area of high pressure over or to the north of the UK. Cold east winds blew on the 14th and 15th, but mostly the weather was not notably cold, despite east winds. On the 21st cold north winds swept south across Devon. After light snow on the 29th, high pressure transfered quickly across the country at the end of the month and, with light winds on the 31st, hard frost early and late made it the coldest day of the month.

December 2001 weather

(All the data on these pages was collected and graphed using a Davis weather Monitor II. Also see these notes on accuracy).

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