What's New


Late December. I've actually done some work on the site...well, just updating a few broken links, more to follow hopefully...


Late December, problems with wireless reception. 'ISS' got knocked during a repair, reception being pushed by distance between ISS and station so transmitter/reciever probably very sensitive to conditions at extreme of range. Reception graph added to 'more graphs'.

August 20th. Software stop uploading historic graphs. Takes me a day to figure out that two vital files are damaged and two days to pluck up the courage to replace them (I think they're not written to, or at least not totally database specific).

July. Add more past data. Update seasonal pages (finally...), add some pictures (others lost in the move) tweak menu page.


November 19th. Start move of site to this address.

October 15th. Update current weather page.

August 14th. ISS data transmission becomes erratic. The printed circuit board is sent for repair in the 18th and a new (replaced under warranty) upgaded board plus protective box returned on the 25th. The temperature sensor on this new board seems to read perhaps a little higher than the old one. did

August 4th. Update current weather page.

July 30th, ISS battery fails, replaced ...

July 27th. Replace main console battery - ISS battery reported by software as 'OK'.

July 13th. Update current weather page, some tweaks to the links page.

June 11th. Update current weather page, some tweaks to the links page.

May 5th. Update current weather page

April 5th. Update current weather page

March 4th. Update current weather page


3rd December. Update current season page, new home page picture.

3rd November. Update current season page.

29th October. New front page picture and problems with uploads. It seems that the 'WeatherLink' program can still work while the ftp part is partly 'hung' and not uploading certain data - a re-start sorts it :). High windspeed graph has been changed from 7 to 3 days since the 7 day graph now only shows daily highs?

8th October. Update current season page

13 September. Update current season page (main PC damaged on 23rd August, and weather database corrupted, problems not solved until early September)

5 August - Updated current season pages, further repairs to data files.

July - Site updates, and backups, affected by malicious code on home PC. Lesson learnt...